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This website has been designed into two broad areas, namely; information for those who do not know about SAFLIA or the footwear industry and a section for the exclusive use of members, which mainly comprises detailed statistics on Production, Employment, CPI, PPI, Imports and Exports.

In order to access the exclusive Member information it is necessary to register first with the SAFLIA office. (Click here).

Alternatively, non-members are able to purchase any of the 3 SAFLIA Publications (Digest, Footstats and Annual Report) from the SAFLIA Office. If you would like to purchase the Publications (Click here).

SAFLIA has around 50 Members and represents 60% of total employment and the industry as a whole in recent years has undergone a growth transformation recovering to production levels of 50 million units, which is on a par with production levels pre 2002, when imports from China began to flood the market.

Many academics find this an interesting case study where a sunset industry has resurrected itself with very little external support.

We have moved please take note
Address Suite 105 Ferfam House
9 Stanley Grave Crescent
Umhlanga Rocks, 4319
Tel:: 0800SAFLIA(723542)
SAFLIA welcomes their new Executive Director, Jirka Vymetal, who has extensive knowledge of the footwear industry and has spent the past 3 years working as a Technical & Quality Assurance Manager for Jordan & Co in China. We trust that Jirka will make a positive difference in the Footwear Industry


Birthdays, September 2015

2nd -  Arveen Boodhoo - Dick Whittington

7th - Manny Galankis - Barker Footwear

10th - Mohamed Vanker - Tego Footwear

12th - Silvio Ceriani - BBF Group

13th - Mark Gibbings - APECO

23rd - Baboo Bissonram - African Soul Footwear

24th - Michael Fleischman - Olympic-Flair

27th - Bryan Reynolds - Corrida Shoes

29th - Denzil Spolander -
Fusion Leather World

30th - Cassim Shaikh - Hopewell Footwear




DTI Press Release July 2014
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SAFLIA welcomes you to our new home online. Designed for you to navigate easily and provide you with all the information you need at your finger tips.

Enjoy the ride!